"Like piranhas, but in both water and on land."
Ash Williams
No image available
Scientific name Unknown
Home era Future (50, million years)
Creature type Crustacean
Deaths caused 0
Appearances The Shards of Time

The Future Crabs are a species of carnivorous crustaceans from the future.

The Shards of TimeEdit

A large colony of Future Crabs nested near the shores of a tiny island.

When one Crab investigated the island and discovered the five humans who recently arrived there through an anomaly, it alerted the other Crabs to the prey on the island. The Future Crabs then swarmed onto the island, but before they could attack, Bob opened another anomaly which mesmerised the Crabs long enough for the five to escape through the anomaly and close it behind them.


The Future Crabs are described as each looking like a crab-spider hybrid about the size of a cod.

They are each a slaty-grey colour, with a segmented, crab-like shell, four beady black eyes on foot-long stalks, six spider-like legs, mandibles below the eyestalks, and tiny forelimbs which each end in a tiny, reddish pincer.

The Future Crabs nest in extremely large numbers in the water near island shores, and presumably use their large numbers to take down prey.

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