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"Where's a knight in shining armour when you need one?" - Andrew Folds

The Future Dragon is a species of reptile from the future appearing in Primeval: A New Beginning. According to the show, it evolved from large monitor lizards like the Komodo Dragon, but evolved huge wings that allow it to fly, and grew to a gigantic size. It has an enlarged nasal passage that contains chemical-producing glands. When the chemicals are forced through the Future Dragon's snout, they combust to form a jet of flame and smoke. The animal uses this ability to its advantage, and can use its scorching breath to kill prey or defend itself from enemies. It appears to have reasonable intelligence, as it is seen using its fire-breathing ability to create a circle of flame around a city park to trap the people inside so it can come back and eat them later.

In Primeval: A New BeginningEdit

The Future Dragon has been rumoured to appear in future episodes of the show.


Scientific NameEdit

  • Megalodraco colossopteryx

Creature TypeEdit

  • Monitor lizard descendant


  • Carnivore

Home eraEdit

  • Future

Deaths causedEdit

  • Unknown


  • Unknown, but probably series 3 or later


  • Like the Dracorex, the Future Dragon may have influenced dragon myths if it was spotted by people in the Middle Ages.

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