No image available
Location North America (presumed)
Anomalies Silurian Desert - Future Highway Anomaly
Filming location
Appearances The Shards of Time

The Future Highway is a deserted highway leading into Dawn City. Future Predators from the city rarely scavenge here for food.


The Future Highway is lifeless and covered with numerous abandoned and destroyed vehicles, some overturned and/or pinned under fallen road signs.



As all of the vehicles on the Future Highway are deserted, some upturned or destroyed, it was presumably attacked by a large number of Future Predators during the outbreak.

The Shards of TimeEdit

Sean, Ash, Bob, Shane and Penelope arrive through an anomaly on the Future Highway.

Shortly after they notice from their surroundings and their anomaly device where they are, a scavenging Future Predator attacks them, but is shot in the head by Bob when Ash distracts it. They then argue over whether or not to search for the anomaly in Dawn City back to Sean's time, or flee the future.

The argument ends when Sean, Bob, Shane and Penelope follow the highway into Dawn City, while Ash follows close behind.

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