FutureMonitor zps56b662ef
Scientific name Unknown
Home era Predator Period
Creature type Varanid lizard
Deaths caused TBA
Appearances Episode 4.7

The Future Monitor was entered in the Primeval Continued Future-Creature Competition. It won for Episode 4.7.


This is the original description of the creature by its creator:

"The Future Monitor, descended from Varanus Salvadorii, the Crocodile Monitor, is a monster. Its teeth are like railroad spikes, sharp, and covered with venomous saliva strong enough to easily kill a man. (which don't exist anymore) It lives before the time of the Future Predator and Mer Creatures, but still far in the future. Its limbs have long toes and fingers, tipped with long, sharp claws. It can climb trees easily, and can run, even on its sprawled legs, up to thirty miles per hour in short bursts, and has very good stamina for a reptile. It can also swim easily, which has spread it from New Guinea to the surrounding islands and possibly New Zealand. It likes swamps and rainforests, but is very adaptable and can survive in desertd easily. They (in forested areas) are swamp green with brown spots and a lighter green underbelly. The rarer desert variety (possibly a subspecies) is tan with brown spots. They are very dangerous, and have good balance, thanks to their sturdy legs and long tail. It eats any meat it wants. It could probably fight a future predator, and MAYBE win."


Episode 4.7Edit


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