Future Predator


colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Predator

Scientific name

Unknown -

Home era

Future -


Chiropteran mammal -

Deaths Caused

Unknown, but probably a lot -


Episode 1.3

Future Predators are vicious carnivores that are the future descendants of bats.


Future Predators evolved from bats, and retain some of their abilities (such as echolocation). They have long limbs and a mouth full of incredibly sharp teeth.


Future Predators are obvious carnivores. They ambush their prey and kill them with slashing claws and teeth.


Future Predators hunt in packs. Both sexes care for the young, which are presumed to be born viviparously.

In Primeval: New BloodEdit

Future Predators appear in Episode 1.3. One of the characters likens the Predators to "hyper-evolved bat things".

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