No image available
Scientific name Unspecified
Home era Predator Period
Creature type Unknown type of bat
Deaths caused 7
Appearances Episode 1.5
Episode 4.7

Future Predators will appear in Primeval Continued Series 1, Primeval Continued Series 4, and Primeval Continued Series 5.


Episode 1.5Edit

A pack of Future Predators are released through the an anomaly into London's sewer system in Episode 1.5. One will attack and drag Connor Temple through the anomaly while the rest of the team are fighting off the other predators. Abby soon noticed that Connor was gone and, despite Becker's orders, she ran th rt ough the anomaly after him, Danny followed her to help her fight off the predators. They eventually succeed in fighting off the predators, and run back through the anomaly, which Becker locks, leaving the Future Predators stuck in their own time once again.

Episode 4.7Edit


Primeval Continued Series 5Edit


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