No matter how many times we change the future, we just can't seem to ditch these ugly freaks of nature...

- Danny Quinn

The Future Predator is a flightless descendant of bats from the future.

Future Predator


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Future Predator Promo

Creature Type

Bat -

Home Era

Future -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused


1 Future Flightless Bird -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.1 (flashback)

Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.8


Future Predators are native to the Future Desert several million years in the future. They prey on Future Flightless Birds, and will sometimes try to steal kills from Future Vultures. They mostly hunt alone, but will gather in packs to overcome larger prey. Like the Predators of the previous timelines, these Predators have no eyes, and hunt using entirely sonar. Their ears have moved to the front of the face to make sonar more precise. They have an enlarged cranium, allowing them to develop a big brain and enabling them to sophisticatedly co-ordinate their attacks. They have vicious teeth and claws that can tear prey to bits in minutes, and a healthy adult Predator can run up to 95 miles per hour, making them the fastest land animals ever to evolve.

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.8Edit

The ARC team is sent to downtown London to investigate 23 gruesome murders that have occured in the past two weeks. Once there, they encounter a Future Predator feeding on the carcass of a middle-aged man. After suddenly noticing the cut wounds on his body, which are identical to the ones described on other victims, the ARC realizes that the Future Predator is the murderer. They chase it into an alleyway, where an anomaly appears. The Predator escapes into it. The ARC team chases it through. They find themselves in a desert, and the anomaly suddenly closes, trapping the ARC team in the distant future. Connor then points out that they could have just locked the anomaly instead of chasing the Predator through. After wandering through the Future Desert for several hours, the team encounters a flock of large flightless birds. A pack of more Future Predators comes along and kills one of them. Suddenly, a flock of Future Vultures lands and challenges the Future Predators for the carcass. While they are fighting, another anomaly opens, and the ARC team dashes through it. They find themselves back in 21st century London.


  • The color of the Predator's sonar has changed in Primeval Resurrected, as it has throughout the Primeval franchise. When we last saw them in series 5, their sonar had living things coloured red and orange, with a gray background. This time the predators in PR see living things as purple, with a dark green background.
  • Stock footage of the Predators from episode 5.6 appears in Matt Anderson's introduction in the first episode.

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