The Future Predator Outbreak was a Future Predator outbreak which occured in 2033 and caused the desolate, Second Future in the Shards of Time fanon.



In 2030, the corrupted ARC went global, and engaged in a worldwide project to create super-predators from bats. The experiments were a success, but in 2033, the Future Predators across the planet escaped captivity.


Following their escape, the Predators began attacking and invading towns and cities such as Dawn City all over the world. When the Future Predators overran London, the Government ordered a nuclear strike on the city, which destroyed only some of it, and caused the local beetles to mutate over the generations into Megopterans.

Days into the outbreak, every government across the globe collapsed one by one, leaving few surviving humans. A few of these survivors, such as Ash Williams, escaped through the anomalies, while the remaining survivors were wiped out by the Predators in under a week.


After the Future Predators hunted humanity to extinction, they colonised the lifeless towns and cities, making them essential deathtraps to prey, and presumably leaving the countryside relatively safe.

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