Future Rats are foul creatures that fill the underground tunnels of the Future Metropolis. When Christine Johnson's secret vaults containing the Future Predator and Megopteran armies were accidentally opened, mankind was forced underground. It was not the Predators nor the Megopterans that finally brought humanity to it's knees and slit it's throat - the underground tunnels where humans seeked refuge were soon home to a new predator adapted to hunt humans. The evolution of the dog-sized, carnivorous Future Rat spelled doom for the Last Resistance and soon the majority of humanity had been individually picked off and eaten. Those that died were the lucky ones, because the Future Rats farmed the survivors, feeding them until they were old enough to reproduce and then slaughtering them for food. The few escapees from the rat farms were at the mercy of the tunnel-dwelling Megopterans and the surface-dwelling Predators. Future Rats are essentially rats but the size of a Golden Retriever with long, poisonous fangs and a row of spines along their back. The larger ones live in colonies that fight for control over human farms while the smaller, cat-sized ones live in swarms that consume whatever they can get their fangs on.

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