Scientific name N/A
Home era Unknown
Creature type Rodent
Deaths caused 2
Appearances Episode 3.1


Future Rats are a predatory decendent of the Norway Rat that has grown to giant sizes. Future Rats hunt in swarming packs and have become heavily adapted to a carnivorous lifestyle. They are built similarly to wolves and their chiseling incisors have become adapted to slicing through flesh. They are fast runners and are top predators in their time.


Episode 3.1Edit

A pack of Future Rats come through an anomaly in an apartment building and kill a janitor. Danny and Connor later find one rat and are then attacked by a pack of them. They manage to fend them off with their EMD's and run back to the anomaly. They are followed by the rats. They just manage to dodge as the rats run straight through the anomaly. The team are attacked again by more rats which they shoot until they run back through the anomaly. A group of rats kill an ARC soldier. Matt shoots them multiple times to kill them. The remaining rats flee through the anomaly which Connor quickly locks.


  • The Future Rats in Primeval Continued are similar to a creature that Dougal Dixon came up with.
  • The Future Rats are the second swarming animals to appear in Primeval Continued, the first being the Conodont.

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