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Scientific name Unknown
Home era Future (Sterile Earth)
Creature type Arachnid
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

Future Spiders are the future evolution of spiders such as tarantulas in the Sterile Earth timeline. They are half-blind and live underground.


In the Sterile Earth, Sean, Ash and Andrea, looking for a safe place to hide from the toxic storms and Mutated Future Predators on the surface, use a cave to enter an underground cavern that a large number of Future Spiders are nesting in. Just as Ash realises it is a Spider nest from the web silk and Future Spider eggs covering the walls, Sean investigates and touches one of the eggs. This causes the parent Future Spiders to come out of hiding and attack the group.

At first, the group tries to hold off the Future Spiders' attacks, but as the Spiders' numbers begin to overwhelm them, they fall back, pursued by the Spiders. One of the Spiders jumps on Sean and pins him down, but Andrea beats it away with a pole. Another Spider then jumps atop Andrea and bites her in the shoulder. It is about to kill her when Sean returns the favour to Andrea by kicking the Spider off of her, and then kicking the Spider to death in disgust.

Ash then opens an anomaly and the group escapes through into the Permian. A Future Spider jumps through into the Permian after them, but Ash kicks the Spider back through the anomaly seconds before it closes.


Future Spiders nest in underground caverns in large groups. They are fiercely protective of their eggs, and will attack any intruder who enters their nest. As the Spiders' main prey is lone Giant Burrowing Insects, they are used to working together in large groups to take down bigger prey.


Because Future Spiders live underground (like most other remaining life in the Sterile Earth) because the surface of the planet is uninhabitable, they are born half blind, but have an excellent sense of smell, touch and hearing. They resemble black, modern-day tarantulas, but they grow to about the size of dogs. They also have only six legs, and a large, round head with fangs and mandibles for eating. Spiders also produce a thick, strong web silk to cover the walls of their nests in, and to cocoon food in. Like their modern-day ancestors, Future Spiders also possess venom injected into a host through a bite, but it is milder than tarantula venom.

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