Scientific name Future Sapien
Home era Far Future
Creature type Future
Deaths caused Unknown
Appearances Primeval Revived Series Two

A Future Tree Creeper is comfirmed to appear in Series Two of Primeval Revived. Apparently, it is a evolved Arboreal Dinosaur from the future.

It was invented by Dynovan.


The creature is based on the Arboreal Dinosaur that appeared in Episode 4.3 of Primeval, but it was never faced by the ARC team in the Primeval Revived Timeline.

Several Arboreal Dinosaurs must have ventured through to the future via an anomaly, and eventually evolved over thousands of years while breeding with each other and fighting off the
Creature Concept 7

The first concept made by Primeval13

Future Predators and Megopterans, along with various other undiscovered future creatures.

They may not be related to Tree Creepers at all, and may be a new type of arboreal creature.

These creatures are from so far in the future that every living creature is extremely intelligent. Creatures living in this era include Future Beasts and Evolved Future Predators. The Future Tree Creepers are so intelligent that they memorise everything they see and hear, and understand that an anomaly is a gateway. These creatures use their tail more than anything else, much more than original Tree Creepers. When an anomaly is locked, they use their tail to grab the locking mechanism, and unlock the anomaly. Females give birth to groups of thousands. They can also survive for periods of time without oxygen, and can go for ages without food and water. They have the ability to stand on two legs.

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