Gaiatoraptor brasilia (translates as "Cheeky thief from Brazil" in an awkward combo of Portugeuse and Latin) was a small but deadly force of nature, a walking piranha, if you will. These dwarves lived next to giants in prehistoric Argentina, home to titanic beasts such as Argentinosaurus and Giganatosaurus, but they were among the deadliest predators in the region. The first fossils were found in Brazil, hence the species name brasilia and the Portuguese word gaiato.


They are the stereotypical small dinosaur, and they look just like the Dæmonosaurus from the episode of Primeval: New World in the closed down Canadian Tire, but they have feathers and really neat stripes like a tiger but with blue replacing black and yellowish-orange replacing pure orange. They usually follow a leader and behave like Dæmonosaurus, but they are drawn to blood in the air like piranhas and will swarm an unlucky victim, ripping him/her/it apart until nothing is left but some bones ripped open for bone marrow. They can follow the scent of blood for 40 kilometres until they reach their target. As many as 3,000 Gaiatoraptors can converge on a wounded Giganatosaurus and devour it in half an hour. They were small, but they were mighty. The so-called "cheeky thief" was a miniature demon. Fear them.

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