Scientific name Gasparinisaura cincosaltenis
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Ornithopod Dinosaur
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 1.4

Gasparinisaura is a small type of ornithischian dinosaur of Early Cretaceous Argentina.

In Primeval Adventure Series Edit

While the team were stranded through the anomaly, while being chased by a pack of Mapusaurus, they encountered a herd of Gasparinisaura. They were running away from the pack as well and were in the teams way. (Episode 1.4)


Gasparinisaura is the name of a genus of dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous. Its fossils were found in Argentina. The type species, Gasparinisaura cincosaltensis, was described in 1996 by Coria and Salgado. Originally classified as an iguanodont, recent research indicates it was a hypsilophodont. In any case, it was an ornithopod.

Gasparinisaura, a small member of the family of dinosaurs that included Iguanodon, was discovered in Argentina. Not very much of this dinosaur has been found, so scientists still aren’t sure what it looked like. Members of this family are among the most common of all dinosaurs found, and its discovery in South America shows that the family spread through the entire Mesozoic world. It has also been suggested that Gasparinisaura may have had feathers.

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