colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Gastornis primeval

Scientific name

Gastornis parisiensis -

Home era

Eocene Germany -


Gastornithiformid bird -

Deaths Caused

1 (George Dixon) -


Episode 1.1

Gastornis is a large, flightless bird that lived in the Paleocene and Eocene of Central Europe.


Gastornis grew up to 2 meters tall, and was heavier-set than other terror birds. It had a huge beak and taloned feet.


Gastornis was a strict carnivore, preying on the animals of its time. It favored small horses, although when travelling through an anomaly it would not hesitate to snack on a human.


Unlike its terror bird cousins, Gastornis was a solitary hunter.

In Primeval: New BloodEdit

A Gastornis (the main antagonist of the episode) appears through an Eocene anomaly in Episode 1.1, killing hiker George Dixon. His body is later found by Matt and Becker, who suspect the killer is either a theropod or (correctly) a large bird.

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