"So this anomaly spits out ostriches. With all the nonsense around here lately I'm hardly surprised..." 

Giant Moa


colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Giant-Moa Dinornis-giganteus
Giant Moa Promo

Creature Type

Flightless Bird -

Home Era

Late Pleistocene - Late Holocene -


Herbivore -

Deaths Caused

N/A -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.3

- James Lester

The Giant Moa was a species of flightless bird native to New Zealand. It may have been the tallest bird that ever lived, and became extinct as recently as the year 1500.

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.3Edit

A panicked pair of moas are chased into a 21st-century city park by a Haast's Eagle, through an anomaly leading to Pleistocene New Zealand. The ARC team arrives, and split up to look for the birds and the anomaly. Abby and Connor find the anomaly, while Matt, Emily, and Becker find the moas. Becker shoots one with his EMD, startling the other one and causing it to flee. The threesome reunite with Connor and Abby, and they find the second moa being attacked by a Haast's Eagle. They are able to rescue it, and return both moas back through the anomaly, which Connor then locks.

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