Wow, it''s enormous

- Danny Quinn comments on the size of the Giraffatitan.

Giraffatitan was a genus of large sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic, closely related to Brachiosaurus. 



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Giraffatitan Promo

Creature Type

Sauropod -

Home Era

Late Jurassic -


Herbivore -

Deaths Caused

15 -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.9

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.9Edit

A Giraffatitan comes through a huge anomaly into downtown London. Realizing it's in unfamiliar territory, the massive animal panics, rampaging throughout the area, accidentally destroying buildings, flinging vehicles, and unintentionally crushing 15 citizens. The ARC team tracks the dinosaur by following the trail of carnage, and finds it grazing on the tree tops in a city park, seemingly calmer now. Becker starts shooting at it with an EMD, but the sauropod's enormous size and thick hide leave it unaffected by the shots. Instead, this just causes the animal to panic even more, and it charges back into the city, nearly flattening the team in the process. They track it down and corner it in front of a restaurant. The ARC then notices the anomaly reopen in the distance. Matt borrows a large truck, and gently bumps the creature in the rear. The Giraffatitan begins galloping back toward the anomaly. After charging back into it, Connor locks the anomaly. The team then wonders what they're going to do about the untold damage to the downtown area.


  • Giraffatitan is the largest creature to yet appear in the Primeval franchise.
  • It is the first sauropod to appear in the Primeval franchise.


  • Giraffatitan is shown galloping like a giraffe at reasonably high speeds. It is unlikely such a gigantic animal would be capable of doing this.
  • It is shown chewing its food when it was eating from the trees in the park. In real life, sauropods lack incisor (cutting) teeth, preventing them from chewing. Instead, they are believed to have swallowed stones to aid digestion.

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