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Episode 1.4 (PC)

Guanlong is an early tyrannosauroid from Late Jarassic China. It appears in Primeval Continued.


Guanlong is a primitive tyrannosauroid from China. It could grow to be about 10 feet long and had a cassowary-like crest. It was probably not a top predator, but vicious enough to hunt creatures like Yinlong and early mammals.


A pack of Guanlong come through an anomaly in a restauraunt and manage to kill 2 people including the chef. The ARC team arrives and are attacked by one of them, but are able to knock it out with an EMD. The team try to help the rest of the people to get out of the restauraunt, but one of them is killed by a Guanlong. The rest of the people are able to escape when Danny discovers the leader of the pack and drives it through the anomaly. The rest of the pack follow and Connor locks the anomaly.


  • This is the first creature in the series to come through an anomaly as a pack.
  • The Guanlong in Episode 1.4 act similarly to the Daemonosaurus in New World.


  • The real creature would probably have been covered in feathers.

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