This is the first episode of the Helen Cutter Adventures. In this episode, Helen will travel back in time to the Late Jurassic Period, in search of one of the largest predators ever to walk the Earth: Allosaurus.


The Late Jurassic blossomed in front of her, filled with the screeches of strange animals. Helen Cutter smiled, and walked out into the world.

The first animals she saw were a group of sheep-sized Othnielia. Each one of them was a dreary brown color, which helped them to blend in with the dry leaves on the ground. Like meerkats, one of the animals was apparently standing guard over the rest of the flock. On seeing her, it gave out a shrill shriek. Within moments, the clearing had been deserted.

Although Othnielia were fascinating creatures, they were not what Helen had come to see. She had come to search for the largest carnivore of the Jurassic: the Allosaurus. Thirty-five feet long and weighing three tons, Allosaurus was large enough to challenge T. rex, if they had lived during the same period. Allosaurus tooth marks had been found on almost every species of the Jurassic, including the giants such as Brachiosaurus. But there had always been a question: could an adult Allosaur bring down these animals alone, or did it need backup from a pack? That was what Helen was here to learn.

She continued her hike through the forest, listening to the noises the Jurassic had to offer. There were the shrill shrieks of Othnielia, mingled with the cries of pterosaurs flying through the treetops, shaken up every once in a while by the deep bellow of some large herbivore deep within the forest. But outside the forest, a mile or so away, was a different sound: a ferocious roar that blasted across the landscape. Instantly, the forest was quiet, and waited several minutes to resume its symphony.

Helen wasted no time in hurrying to the site of the roar. Even so, it would still take her hours to arive. After about an hour, the sun began to set. Reluctantly, she decided to set up camp for the night: she didn't know what predators would be active at night, but she didn't want to find out. So she pitched her tent, and did her best to sleep.


She suffered a rude awakening at about one o' clock in the morning; the cries of some strange animal could be heard all around her, and the sound of footsteps was getting louder and louder. Helen clutched her knife, and peeked out through a small hole in her tent.

The clearing was full of Ornitholestes. Each of them was about ten feet long, and six feet tall. Their arms were poised in grabbing positions, and each of them had a small nose horn.

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