Matt Anderson: It's a Hatzegopteryx, the biggest animal ever to fly. Just look at it, it's beautiful.

Danny Quinn: And it's heading straight for us!

- Matt and Danny first see the Hatzegopteryx

Hatzegopteryx was a type of azhdarchid pterosaur, and the biggest of them all...even bigger than Quetzalcoatlus.



colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Hatzegopteryx 1

Creature Type

Pterosaur -

Home Era

Late Cretaceous -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused

10 -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.7

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.7Edit

A Hatzegopteryx comes through a sky anomaly into a theme park. The anomaly closes soon after the pterosaur comes through. It attacks a rollercoaster carrying about 10 riders, derailing the train and sending the riders plummeting to their doom several stories below. The pterosaur rises several meters higher into the sky and screams ominously, and that is the last we see of it until the ARC team arrives. When they do arrive, the team splits up and Matt and Danny are the first to find the Hatzegopteryx. The animal dives at them but they duck, and the creature lands a few meters behind them. It then turns around, hisses, and begins walking towards them on all fours. Danny and Matt shoot it with their EMDs and run. However, the seemingly knocked-out Hatzegopteryx simply gets back up, shakes itself off, and gallops after them. Eventually the Hatzegopteryx chases the two into Abby's path. Abby aims her EMD at the pterosaur, but it springs into the air before she can shoot. She tries to shoot at it while it's flying, but all the shots miss. Becker appears and starts shouting at the pterosaur. It swerves around and lands again, before lunging at Becker on all fours at top speed. The anomaly then reopens above the pterosaur and the team. The Hatzegopteryx freezes, before catapulting into flight and soaring straight through the anomaly, which closes behind it. 


  • It is the first dangerous pterosaur to appear in Primeval Resurrected, and the third dangerous pterosaur to appear in the Primeval franchise after the Anurognathus from the first show, and the Pteranodon from New World.
  • The Hatzegopteryx shows several behaviours that real-life azhdarchids are thought to have had, such as spending more time on the ground than in the air, hunting terrestrial prey instead of fish, and having a catapult-like method of taking off.
  • It is one of the few creatures in Primeval Resurrected to be portrayed with near-complete accuracy in regard to anatomy and behaviour.
  • It is the first pterosaur to be identified by name in Primeval Resurrected.
  • Hatzegopteryx is the largest flying creature yet to appear in the Primeval franchise(Unless it turns out to be a species of Quetzalcoatlus).
  • It is the third real species of pterosaur to appear in the Primeval franchise.

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