Concept for the Herrerasaurus.


Herrerasaurus -


Early Dinosaur - Possibly Theropod -

Deaths Caused

1 -


Episode 1.7 (PC)

A Herrerasaurus appears in Primeval Continued Series 1.


Herrerasaurus was a primitive dinosaur (possibly early theropod) that lived in Argentina in the Late Triassic. It would've been a deadly predator but still not enough to challenge the Postosuchus-like top carnivores that lived at that time. Not near as advanced or adapted as later dinosaurs - carnivorous or herbivorous.


A Herrerasaurus is seen by an office building employee eating his boss next to an anomaly in his office. The Herrerasaurus notices him and he runs back out and locks the door, which the creature tries to break down. When the ARC Team arrive they discover the dinosaur, still trying to break down the door. It eventually does manage to shatter the door and avoid multiple EMD shots. It unknowingly hits the down button next to the elevator with its tail and backs into the elevator, which then closes it in. The Herrerasaurus thrashes to get out as the elevator goes down to the next floor underneath. Matt, Ryan, and Becker use the stairs to follow it. It again dodges their EMD's and manages to bite into and dislocate Becker's shoulder, but Matt is able to bring it down. The unconcious theropod cannot be returned though, as the anomaly is locked and Patrick had stolen the locking device. The team manage to get a new one from the ARC, and unlock the anomaly as well as return the Herrerasaurus.


  • It is the second Triassic dinosaur in the franchise.
  • It was made to look much like a Komodo Dragon, including a venomous bite.


  • It is slightly larger than the real creature.

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