The Intro (FPP) is the first in the First Person Primeval series. It is an interactive, on-line series, based on Primeval Revived and a sequel to Primeval Evolved. The series is created by Primeval13. It runs alongside Primeval Revived Series Two.


After the events of Primeval Evolved, You are left in the future with no-one. A Future Predator spottes you and approaches you. A anomaly springs out of nowhere and you take the chance and dive through.

On the other side, You realise that you are back at the racetrack. Sarah and Becker greet you and shoot the Predator that creeps through after you. They check you out, and after telling them about Connor's message, they send you back to the ARC to get cleaned up.

At the ARC, You are met by Lester who anounces that you have saved your job.

The intro episode then skips to the end of series one.

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