Jasmine Vale is a member of the RADO team in Primordial.


She is the team leader of the RADO team, filling the same role Matt does in Primeval (although the producers have confirmed that she is NOT from the future, and the similarities are only in team leadership-related traits). It is unknown what line of work she was in formerly, but it likely involved firearms, as her hobby involved "pounding cardboard with toy bullets." At some point, she met Becky and became friends.


She is African American, with dark brown skin and dark hair. She is 5'10", broad shouldered, and the kind of person who would have great success in deal-making.


She is gruff, salty, cynical, and humorless. It is currently unknown why she is like this. She also may have a crush on Buck, being unable to retort when he corrected her on Coelurosauravus' classification, and also the mischievous glances at Buck Becky made when calling her. She also looked at Becky with realization when she first saw Buck. She also recognized Buck's car, and was suspicious.


Episode 1.1

She is first seen at home, firing Nerf Guns at targets. When Becky calls, she is initially indifferent, sarcastically satirizing her activity. Becky implies that this job was different (Jasmine couldn't see it, but Becky glanced at Buck when she said this). Becky sends her the coordinates of the building that would later become the RADO, she leaves in her Cadillac Escalade that she modified with extra armor. She arrives at the building, and sees Buck's car, making her suspicious. She walks in, and sees Buck, making her realize what Becky meant by "will like this one". She regains her composure, and Becky explains the job. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Aggravated shows the creatures that are loose right now, and dispatches the team.

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