colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Kelenken again

Scientific name:

Kelenken Guillermoi -

Home Era:

Miocene -

Deaths Caused:

Several horses and a guard -

Returned to era:

No -


Primeval Ultimate: Only an allucination

A Kelenken appear in Episode 2 of Primeval Ultimate . The Kelneken killed several horses and forest guards.


Kelenken is an extinct genus of giant flightless predatory birds of the family Phorusrhacidae or "Terror Birds". These birds lived in the Middle Miocene, some 15 million years ago, in Argentina. Kelenken was one of the largest birds of all time reaching 3 meters tall. Kelenken was one of the largest carnivorous birds of all time, possibly reaching 2.28 to 3 meters (7.5 to 10 feet) tall and weighing around 500 pounds (230 kg). It is not entirely clear how Kelenken captured and killed its prey. As a large flightless carnivore, Kelenken likely chased down and killed its prey with several bone-shattering blows from its massive beak. Another possibility is that it may have picked up its prey item, then proceeded to shake it vigorously in order break its back. It is also possible that Kelenken may have been a scavenger, driving off other animals with its impressive size, and ferocious looks.

In Primeval UltimateEdit

Appears in the second episode named: A Horse Problem . First killed a horse later discovered by the team, after that he kills another person. When the team set a trap the Kelenken falls in it but he makes to get free, later he escapes after attacking a guard. In the border of a cliff Tom gets his attention making the Kelenken aproachig him and fall killing the creature


  • Is the first discovered creature to appear in the series
  • Is the first bird to appear

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