Koreaceratops NT
Scientific name Koreaceratops hwaseongensis
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Ceratopsian Dinosaur
Deaths caused 5
Appearances Episode 1.10

Koreaceratops is a type of swimming ceratopsian dinosaur.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

Koreaceratops was one of the many creatures that came through a satellite anomaly that Andy opened. It crushed and drowned a few people at a swimming pool and the team tried to stop it along with all the other creatures. (Episode 1.10)


Ceratopsians, the horned, frilled dinosaurs, spanned the expanse of North America and Eurasia during the Cretaceous period, so the recent discovery of Koreaceratops in South Korea (the first ceratopsian ever to be unearthed in this country) should come as no surprise. Dating from the middle Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago, Koreaceratops was a relatiely "basal" member of its breed, closely related to other early ceratopsians like Archaeoceratops and Cerasinops (and not at all resembling ornate, later ceratopsians like Triceratops).

What makes Koreaceratops especially interesting is its broad tail, which--while not an unusual feature in other early ceratopsians--in this case has prompted some speculation about whether or not this dinosaur, and other like it, went for the occasional swim. The trouble is, it's more likely that early ceratopsians would have evolved wide tails as either a sexually selected characteristic (that is, males with bigger tails got to mate with more females) or as a way to dissipate or collect heat, so the aquatic hypothesis will have to remain just that pending further evidence.

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