Kukulkanosaurus axolotl was a flying raptor. I know. Epic. It was the size of a Utahraptor from Primeval: New World but with huge wings and it could fly. It was also a deadly aerial predator and lived in packs/flocks that terrorized the Middle to Late Cretaceous. They were also quite intelligent and capable of solving problems. They were easily the most awesome dinosaurs of their time.


Kukulkanosaurus was a colourful Utahraptor-sized dromaeosaur closely related to either Velociraptor or Utahraptor. Some sources claim it to be descended from Microraptor or even Archaeopteryx. Whatever it was, this was a predator. They would exist in loose pack/flocks and could scent blood on the wind like Gaiatoraptors. As many as a thousand could band together in extreme drought and devour every living animal for miles. But even they were victims of the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs. Of course, not all dinosaurs are confined to the boundaries set by linear time anymore, as Primeval has adequately proven…

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