Liaoceratops BW
Scientific name Liaceratops yanzigouensis
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Ceratopsian Dinosaur
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 1.10

Liaoceratops is a ceratopsian dinosaur from Liaoning, China.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

A Liaoceratops came through a satellite anomaly that Andy opened at a car park along with a Liaoningosaurus and he also opened other anomalies as well. The Liaoceratops came through scaring people along with the Liaoningosaurus. The team also transported them safely back through the anomaly like the other creatures and to stop the other anomalies. (Episode 1.10)


Liaoceratops, meaning “Liao Horned Face”, is a newly discovered dinosaur believed to be an early cousin to the horned ceratopsians. It lived in the early Cretaceous, some 130 million years ago. It was discovered in China by a team of American and Chinese scientists. Liaoceratops was much smaller than its later cousins, but offers a glimpse into the early evolution of one of the most enigmatic groups of dinosaurs.

Discoveries and speciesEdit

Liaoceratops was discovered in the famous Liaoning Province of China, where several fossils of feathered dinosaurs have also been collected. These beds have also yielded fossil insects, fossils of ginkgo trees, and many other dinosaurs, including the early troodontid Sinovenator, also described by Makovicky earlier in 2005. In the future, Makovicky hopes to continue his field work in the Liaoning Province. “This area is yielding extremely important information on the evolution of dinosaurs, mammals, insects, and flowering plants. I hope to find even more primitive specimens than Liaoceratops,” he said.

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