Liaoningosaurus-Brad-ysaurus-300x210 A concept design sketch for the Liaoningosaurus
Scientific name Liaoningosaurus paradoxus
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Ankylosaur Dinosaur
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 1.10

Liaoningosaurus is a species of ankylosaur dinosaur from Liaoning, China.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

A Liaoningosaurus came through a satellite anomaly that Andy opened at a car park and he also opened other anomalies as well. A Liaoceratops also came through as well along with the Liaoningosaurus scaring people. The team also transported them safely back through the anomaly like the other creatures and to stop the other anomalies. (Episode 1.10)


Liaoningosaurus is an unusual ankylosaur known from a complete skeleton of a very young juvenile (about 34 cm (13.6 in) long) with some armor preserved (Holotype: IVPP V12560 (Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing)), found in the Early Cretaceous (Barremian?) Yixian Formation at Wang Jiagou, Yixian County in Liaoning Province. Liaoningosaurus has a mix of features similar to those found in either ankylosaurids or nodosaurids, but differs from other known ankylosaurians in having shell-like armor on its belly, and a pes more than twice as long as the manus.

The cheek teeth resemble those of nodosaurids and are very large for the skull size (a juvenile characteristic). The tail lacks a club or ossified tendons. The humerus and femur show a combination of nodosaurid and ankylosaurid features. The unguals on the feet are long and clawlike. The sub-triangular plates preserved near the should girdle appear to have been vertical. The flat armor plates on the belly are not known in other ankylosaurians and are sculpted with rhombic and hexagonal tubercles. The unusual combination of features found in Liaoningosaurus suggest it may represent a separate third lineage of ankylosaurians, though current analyses place it closest to the Nodosauridae.

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