This is a list of the Primeval Manga Chapters and Issue's, along with a short summary.

Chapter 1: Orgin of Species
Issue 1 First Contact An anomaly leading to the Permian opens in the Rikugien Gardens, but the ARC is to busy with their own anomaly's. Therfor, the japanese goverment forms it's own team to control the creatures.
Issue 2 Creature Control The local team tracks down and close an anomaly in a fire station, not realising that a young Scleromochlus has come through. It follows Mitsumi, who tries to return it, only to find out three vicious Proterosuchuses also came through and hide in the station.
Issue 3 Insect High An anomaly opens at a public High School, letting several creepy crawlies through. Senjin is stung by a scorpion, leaving him unable to do anything for the next 12 hours, leaving Saisho in charge of the mission.
Issue 4 Ice Age: The lockdown part 1 An anomaly opens in a bank vault, and the team finds out that an employe went through. The team mounts a rescue mission, but something is wrong with the anomaly locking device, leaving enough the time for the anomaly to close while the team is still in the last Ice Age.
Issue 5 Ice Age: The lockdown part 2 The team, stuck in the Ice Age, try using the Portable Anomaly Detector to find a new anomaly to the present, while staying safe from a pack of smilodons.
Issue 6 When myths collide When the team investigate an anomaly sighting in a forrest somewhere outside Tokyo, they are ambushed by creatures from the future, and Satoshi flees through the anomaly.
Issue 7 Killer crocs While contacting his grandmother from Izu Oshima, Satoshi hears about several mysterious murders who happened on the island for the last 5 months. When the team arrives, the killer turns out to be a Kaprosuchus who came through an anomaly during the Convergence.
Issue 8 Insect vs. Predator While investigating an anomaly in a nearby hotel, the Arc is invaded by future predators and Megopterans. It soon becomes clear that Takanoa is hiding something.
Issue 9 The Gathering The team is kidnapped by Takanoa's employes, and find out that Takanoa has been collecting several creatures to build his own personal army.
Issue 10 Rampage During an incursion, Takanoa finds the perfect creatures for his army. But when they turn against him and kill him, the team faces a threat of international proportions.
Chapter 2: Starting the Chaos
Issue 11 Worms in the Mist
Issue 12 Raptor wars

When an anomaly opens in a nearby zoo, the team has to prevent two raptors from causing to much damage.

Issue 13 Infection An employe of the ARC becomes infected by a future fungus, and passes it on to the creatures in the menagery.
Issue 14 The Dinoking
Issue 15 The sky is the limit
Issue 16 The Epidemic
Chapter 3: Around the world in 10 incursions
Issue 17 Dino Holiday The team tracks down an anomaly in Florida, but the chaos of Spring Break makes things difficult.
Issue 18 Local Legends The team races to Mongolia, where a strange creature has been killing locals. However, things get difficult when the rich collector Hatasho tries to capture the creature for himself, and is willing to do anything to get his hands on it.
Issue 19 Demon Speeding The team find themselves in a german village, where the superstitious villagers relate them to several incidents caused by ''''''d'emons'''''''.
Issue 20 Lagoon
Issue 21 Myth Busters The team has to controll a gone-wild pristichampus in Egypt, but finds out that it's being controlled by something much more sinister...
Issue 22 Maze of the Minotaur
Issue 23 School Days While tracing an anomaly near Leiden (Holland), Senjin is contacted by a former college of him who's determined to find out the cause of several mysterious murders happening at the University.
Issue 24 The top of the mountain In order to reach the Anomaly, the team has to climb the highest mountain in the world, while a certain living legend causes a lot of trouble.
Issue 25 Survival of the Fittest The team find a very large anomaly in the forests of Madagascar, along with a few more dinosaurs than they can handle. Back home, Jarvis is introduced to the ARC's newest scientist: Doctor Mondren.
Issue 26 Monster Mayhem It's bigtime chaos in the Big Apple as three anomaly's have opened in NY, bringing with them some creatures intented on causing some damage. Also, things are starting between Satoshi and Mitsumi.
Chapter 4: Nature vs. Nurture
Issue 27 Patrick
Issue 28 Sins of the Brothers
Issue 29 Holiday job What began with a day off for Satoshi and Mitsumi quickly turns into another mission when a massive anomaly opens in a large lake, bringing a Mosasaur with it. Meanwhile, Saisho begins to expect that Mondren is up to something.
Issue 30 Forward to the Future The team find two Hyanadon going through an anomaly leading 30 years into the future, where they're aided by a future version of the team.
Issue 31 Predator war part 1
Issue 32 Predator war part 2
Issue 33 Confrontation

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