Lycaenops is a type of gorgonopsid that has been confirmed to appear in Primeval Continued Episode 1.8 by PrimevalIsAwesome in the Primeval Continued Series 1 Promotions.


Concept art for the Lycaenops.


Lycaenops -

Deaths Caused

3 -


Episode 1.8 (PC)


Lycaenops was a small gorgonopsian that lived in South Africa in the Late Permian. It was probably a wolf-like animal. It had long saber-teeth likely used for severing the jugular of its prey.

In Primeval Continued it is slightly bigger than the real creature. It is shown living and hunting in pairs and mating for life (which Abby points out as being very unusual in reptiles). They are shown as adept climbers.


One of the Lycaenops kills a customer at Terenure Office Supplies. The other one kills the store owner near the anomaly. A Lycaenops later attacks the ARC Team and kills a soldier before being shot by Connor and returned through the anomaly. Near the anomaly, they are attacked by the other Lycaenops which runs back out into the store. It chases Connor, Danny, and Abby back to the anomaly site but is then shot by Danny and returned through the anomaly.


  • This is the first gorgonopsid to appear in Primeval Continued.
  • This is the third synapsid to appear in the series.
  • It is a different style to the Lycaenops in Primeval: New World, as Primeval Continued sticks closer to the style of the original Primeval.
  • A promotional image of the Lycaenops was released in the Primeval Continued Series 1 Promotions. It shows a green, hairless Lycaenops in the ARC, however, the Lycaenops in the episode are a tannish color and have a mane of dark brown fur down their back, and they are never in the ARC. Apparently, the promotional image was made while the computer-model was unfinished and the color and mane had not been added, so they just stuck it in an ARC background and colored it green.


  • It is slightly bigger than a real Lycaenops.
  • There is no evidence of therapsids like Lycaenops mated for life.



A promotional image of the Lycaenops.

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