Lystrosaurus was a herbivorous dicynodont from the early Triassic. 



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Lystrosaurus Promo

Creature Type

Dicynodont -

Home Era

Early Triassic -


Herbivore -

Deaths Caused

N/A -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.2

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.2Edit

When an anomaly opens by a gas station, a large herd of Lystrosaurus come through. The herd had been in the midst of their annual migration, and they panic, seeing as this is not part of their usual migration route. The ARC team comes, and Matt notices that the anomaly is about to close. Becker borrows a truck, and herds the Lystrosaurus back through the anomaly. However, the anomaly closes before the last animal can make it through. The team decides to keep it in the Menagerie until it can be returned home, and Abby names it Thor. He is put in the same enclosure as Sid and Nancy, since their species are closely related.

Episode 1.5Edit

Abby briefly watches Thor, as well as Sid and Nancy, in their enclosure before she is greeted by Rex, who flies up behind her.


  • The Lystrosaurus from the episode were considerably larger than any specimens known from fossils, closer in size to its relative Placerias.

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