Macrogryphosauruscbd The Macrogryphosaurus is wounded by the Mapusaurus, but Abby helps it recover and make it go back through the anomaly
Scientific name Macrogryphosaurus gondwanicus
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Ornithopod Dinosaur
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 1.4

Macrogryphosaurus is an iguanodontid dinosaur from Early Cretaceous South America.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

A Macrogryphosaurus came through an anomaly at the co-operative supermarket in Olney being chased by a Mapusaurus running riot. They came to the market town square where they crashed cars, knocked stalls and scared people. The Macrogryphosaurus was safely returned through the anomaly alongside with the Mapusaurus and they were seen to be OK through the anomaly as Connor could see through the anomaly with his Anomaly Lookthrough Device (ALD). (Episode 1.4)


Macrogryphosaurus (meaning “big enigmatic lizard”) is a genus of basal iguanodont dinosaur from the Turonian-early Coniacian age Upper Cretaceous Portezuelo Formation (Neuquén Group) of Patagonia, Argentina. It was described by Jorge Calvo and colleagues, with M. gondwanicus as type species (referring to the animal coming from Gondwana).

Macrogryphosaurus is based on MUCPv-321, a partial articulated postcranial skeleton. This specimen includes much of the vertebral column, ribs, complete pelvis, sternum, and four thoracic plates. These thin plates, situated alongside the ribcage, are like those of Talenkauen, another iguanodontian from the late Cretaceous of Argentina. Macrogryphosaurus was somewhat larger, though; MUCPv-321 is estimated at 6 meters long (20 ft), and this individual was probably not fully grown based on the lack of fusion in some vertebrae. It therefore is one of the largest known South American ornithopods outside of hadrosaurids. A phylogenetic analysis indicates that it is related to Talenkauen as a basal iguanodontian, and Calvo and colleagues proposed a new clade, Elasmaria, for the two genera. Like other basal iguanodontians, it would have been a bipedal herbivore.

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