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Matthew "Matt" Anderson, was brought in as the new team leader following Danny's disappearance. His distinguished CV includes military service, a decoration for heroism and climbing Everest (though this has yet to be ratified).


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Official DescriptionEditEdit

Brave, good-looking though barely aware of it, confident, funny and something of a risk taker. He hates conformity and is indifferent to authority. He's in the ARC operation for his own reasons, which will slowly become clear - though he is open and friendly, loyal and brave; there's an air of mystery about him, as though he's always holding back something about himself. His past is a murky one and it's clear from his CV that he's spent years pushing himself to the limits - in the wild, in the military. But nothing that gives any real hint of the man beneath.

A man seemingly detached from relationships, an outsider would think he had no family, no friends. It certainly seems that way at first. But as the series continues, and his past is slowly revealed, he might begin to open his heart to other people, and one in particular...

He is exuberant in the face of danger, has a really uncanny empathy with the creatures and is well versed in all the sciences. There is something attractively reckless about him, but not irresponsible; he will happily put his own life at risk, but not anyone else's. He'll break the rules to save lives, much to Becker's displeasure. He cares passionately about the team and his job. His wit and calmness make him an attractive, heroic and romantic figure, but we sense there is something flawed in him, a secret that will show his complex personality in a new light.


Early LifeEditEdit

Over Series 4 to Series 5, Matt's backstory is gradually revealed. Matt, along with his father, Gideon, lived in a Sterile Earth caused by Philip Burton's interference with the 2011 convergence, which ravaged the Earth. It is unknown whether Matt or Gideon, were born before the disaster or all they knew was the sterile world, though the latter is most likely. Matt and his father lived in underground bunkers as the surface of the planet couldn't sustain life anymore, apart from the Mutated Future Predators Matt described as 'ugly freaks'. Colonies of Giant Burrowing Insects and swarms of Future Beetles also thrived.

Aside from the creatures, people also used shelter to escape from toxic storms which persistantly struck. Eventually, Matt and Gideon were some of several people sent through the anomalies to try and avert the disaster. Matt and Gideon arrived in the present day, not knowing exactly who or what they were looking for.

S4 Prequel Episode 1EditEdit

Matt observes footage of a creature attack and doesn't appear that shocked.Added by ZEMWhen the ARC is revived due to a government-private partnership, Matt is made the new team leader, replacing Danny Quinn, who has been missing for nearly a year along with Connor Temple and Abby Maitland. Matt is interviewed and is shown footage of the appearance of a Stegosaurus in the members bar at the House of Commons, he identifies it and states that it's from the late Jurassic. The interviewer notes that Matt doesn't appear surpised, Matt simply says that he's told he doesn't have a very expressive face, saying that after his job interview at a top secret government facility he was prepared to be shown pretty much anything.

S4 Prequel Episode 2EditEdit

Matt talks to Gideon.Added by ZEMMatt is outside and phones a man called Gideon, asking if he's avaliable, he is asked if he's heard something, Matt replies not yet. Gideon notes that he sounds worried, he assures him that his background's perfect and it's possible that he made him sound a little bit more perfect. Matt has noticed, asking if climbing everest is pushing it, Gideon tells him that he'll have to be approved by ARC security and they're all ex-military. Gideon tells him that it's not enough just to impress them, he has to intimidate them, they end their call.

Matt later calls Gideon and announces that he's in, Gideon tells Matt that he's ready, he's worked hard and is the perfect candidate, not just for the job, but for the mission. Gideon tells him that what ever happens, "don't mess it up".

S4 Prequel Episode 3EditEdit

Matt meets Becker.Added by ZEMMatt watches a promotional video for Prospero Industries, the company that now owns part of the ARC, where CEO Philip Burton explains that Prospero is the future, from bio-medical advances to the very latest in energy and enviromental engineering. He only invests in the best and the brightest, so he's proud to have Matt aboard and he knows he'll be proud of Prospero. Jess Parker, the new field-coordinator comes behind Matt and mouths the end of the video, explaining that she's seen this video with every new recruit this month. But as she notes, he's of course no new recruit, he's the new team leader. Matt tells her that she doesn't have to call him sir, just Matt, he follows her to a place to meet with Becker. He asks her what's Burton like, she says that she's only met him twice, she thought he'd be really scary but he's not at all. She introduces him to the new I.D. tag on his wrist, it matches a reading of his skin, doors scan it to gain entry and it won't work for anyone else if he loses it. Matt asks if Burton has his own office her, Jess says he doesn't but normally uses Lester's if he pops by.

Becker arrives and welcomes Matt who says it's good to meet him. Becker tells Matt that Lester told him he has a problem, Matt explains that he thinks the Special Forces should wear civilian clothes as the uniforms are a bit conspicuous. Becker argues that the uniform promotes unity and gives his men authority in the field. When Matt says that the "big guns" would have the same effect Becker says that the uniforms promote public confidence especially when weapons are involved and neither Nick or Danny had a problem with them. Matt decides that they will talk about it later but first asks him to show him around. Becker agrees and decides to show him around the armoury, as Becker leaves, Jess wishes Matt luck and assures him that Becker is nice really.

Matt talks to Gideon on the phone who asks who's picking up where Cutter and Temple left off with anomaly research, Matt says it isn't clear yet but he has met Lester. Gideon asks what he makes of him, Matt says that he's light on civilities and heavy on sarcasm, hard to read. Gideon tells Matt to keep an eye on him and asks him about Jess, Matt explains that she seems young for the job but he's told that she's formidable when the team are facing an anomaly. Gideon asks about the second-in-command, Matt simply says that Becker likes guns, he says that it will take Becker a while to accept him, saying he was really close to Danny, Abby and Connor and he feels responsible for what happened. Matt tells Gideon that Becker shows no interest whatsoever in the anomalies, he doesn't think he is the man they're looking for.

S4 Prequel Episode 4EditEdit

Matt impresses his new team.Added by ZEMMatt and Jess are walking together when Becker catches up with them, he asks Matt if it's true he's ordered non-lethal weapons. Matt isn't very bothered with Becker's shock and asks Jess for three shelfs for his plants. Becker says the team need real guns, saying they aren't collecting for a petting zoo, warning the creatures aren't just interesting they're also deadly. Matt assures him that he knows, Becker asks if he knows what happens when they cut corners, people get hurt, people die. Matt tells him to just give the new weapons a chance, saying that he might be plesantly surprised. Matt leaves saying that he'll see them both at the meeting, Jess assures Becker that he's alright, but Becker doesn't trust him and promises the rest of the team won't either.

Matt makes a speech to the ARC staff, introducing himself to those he hasn't met. He explains that for the last couple of days Becker has been bending his ear on every detail on the operation to make sure that everyone is looked after, Matt assures everyone that their safety, even the safety of Becker, is his top priority. He describes how their jobs are demanding, dangerous, how they put their lives on the line to protect the public everytime the alarm goes off. There's no room for errors and there's no time for on the job training. He says that with all of that in mind, some new policies are being implimented, all new field operatives will be stricly military or from a military background, safety will come first, there will be no more civilian recruiting.

He notes that during the past few months, some staff have been testifying to the last mission of the old ARC, but now the investigation is officially wrapped up, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple and Danny Quinn have been pronounced missing, presumbed dead. But Matt makes it clear that it means absolutely nothing, over the years the ARC has lost many briliant people such as Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart and most recently Sarah Page. As far as Matt is concerned, this doesn't included Abby, Connor and Danny, saying that they could still be out there fighting to stay alive and to make it home. As Matt says, he never had the chance to work with them, but he hopes that someday he will. He announces that his first act as new team leader is to reject the government's findings, making it clear that he isn't giving up on the missing trio. Jess hopes that this will make Becker change his view on Matt, Lester is pleased at Matt's speech

S4 Prequel Episode 5EditEdit

Matt with Becker and Jess.Added by ZEMBecker and Matt take a look at new handheld tracking units given to them by Jess, Matt notes their rather large size, Jess explains that they collect data on the anomalies and are part of the new comm system and with these, she can monitor and record everything they say while out in the field. When Matt asks if it's necessary, Becker says of course it is as if they get into trouble, it will be known about it immediately. Matt asks if these will only be on during an alert, Jess tells him that Lester wants them on at all times just in case. When Jess says that the device will stop feeding back when they go through an anomaly, Becker asks why that is an issue as the policy is strict, no one goes through no matter what reason, everyone has been briefed and everyone knows the rules. As he leaves, Jess says to Matt that she wasn't saying that anyone should go through, Matt explains that he knows but he'll calm down soon.

Matt goes outside and phones Gideon, turning off his tracker before he does so, he apologises for missing the calltime as he faced an Iguanodon at a beauty school, Gideon remarks that it sounds messy. Matt says it's the best fun he's had in a long time and the team are fantastic, Gideon says it's good to here that, Matt tells him that although Becker is a pain he's good at what he does. When Gideon hesitates to reply, Matt asks him what's wrong, Gideon is fearful since the team will become his friends, Matt assures him he's not going to get too close and he won't take no chances, saying that they've been working towards this for ten years. Gideon apologises, telling Matt that sometimes he fears it's impossible and they'll fail, Matt assures him they won't. Gideon isn't so sure, warning Matt that they're running out of time.

Episode 4.1EditEdit

Becker: "You're not really a funny man, Matt."
Matt: "Depends on your point of view."
―Matt's the new funny man

[1]Matt teaches Becker a valuable lesson.Added by MrThermomanPreacherJess accidently lets the Dracorex out of storage where it ramages through the ARC, and after a brief confrontation with it in a corridor Matt manages to distract it with a bucket of water and lures it to Lester's office where the Dracorex trashes it. Matt takes the blame for Jess' mistake. When Matt's EMD weapons arrive Becker is reluctant to use them and tells Matt he'll only use them if he thinks its an effective weapon. Matt tests one of the EMDs on him and Becker is surprised by their power. He agrees to use them and asks Matt if he trusted him, and Matt said he did. Philip Burton arrived, knowing he didn't free the Dracorex and implied that next time he screwed up he'd be fired.

An anomaly is detected and Matt, Becker and the Special Forces are sent to the scene. It is revealed that Connor opened it when he and Abby emerged from the anomaly and reunited with Becker. The anomaly was locked with the Anomaly Locking Mechanism when Connor tried to show off to Matt but using the anomaly device to close the anomaly, Connor accidently unlocked the anomaly, letting in a Spinosaurus which was hunting the two. It is then corraled by the team into an Arena where it is surrounded by the Special Forces, Matt picks up Connor with a harness. Connor inadvertently saves the day by dropping the anomaly device into the Spinosaurus' mouth, creating an anomaly inside it causing the creature to implode from with in. On returning to the ARC, Burton informs Connor and Abby that they are no longer needed and they are fired. Matt later meets up with Gideon and tells him of Abby and Connor's return.

Episode 4.2EditEdit

Connor has been fired but it is agreed that Abby can have a minor job in the ARC. Connor meets up with his old friend Duncan who has suspicons of a creature attack at a construction site. Connor summons Abby, who is being followed by Matt. It is revealed that the creature is a Kaprosuchus and it attacks them, Matt arrives and saves them from the deadly creature. Matt helps them search for the creature on land, whilst Abby searches by the water and after seeing it enter the water, chase it by boat. Little does she know the creature is underneath her boat until it attacks but it swam off to the container port where it kills a person and nearly kills Matt before Becker shoots it with the EMD.

After storing it inside a container, when the dock crane lifts the container trap high into the air, the creature wakes up and thrash the container's sides until the crane loses grip, dropping the container to the ground where the croc escapes into the labyrinth of the container park. Added to that, Duncan has disappeared with the creature chasing him and Connor is beside himself. Matt coordinates a plan to drive the creature out of the container maze using flares, whilst Connor goes in search of Duncan. And it works well although the creature devours one of Becker's men after he accidentally shot himself with his EMD, until the creature comes at Becker from above but luckily Matt, Connor and Abby shoot it with their EMDs and kill it.

Connor returns to ARC to fight for his job, but is too late, Matt has already won him his place back on the team. But does he have ulterior motives in fighting for Connor?

Episode 4.3EditEdit

"You remind me of myself when I was that age. Stubborn, headstrong, not quite so good looking."
―Gideon and Matt share more than a few things in common.

An anomaly is detected in a Theatre, the team are sent to the scene, aside from Connor who is at the ARC with Jess. Matt confronts a woman called Emily Merchant who emerged from the anomaly, Emily escapes through the anomaly and Matt gives chase, assuming she’s about to be stranded in a different time. Emily knocks him out but is pulled up to a tree by an Arboreal Dinosaur, she manages to release herself by stabbing it but she is injured by the fall. Matt pulls her to the anomaly, shooing off the Dinosaur with her knife, [2]Matt and Emily can't make it throughAdded by ZEMbut finds the anomaly has been locked. Becker is persistant but is contacted by Connor who convinces him to unlock it. Matt emerges with Emily but are followed by the creature that is repelled into the anomaly with ane EMD shot. With no clue as to Emily’s identity, Matt takes her to hospital. The ARC team lock the anomaly, but what they don’t realise is that two arboreal dinosaurs have come through and are still loose and in the present.

Emily escapes from hospital and Matt learns the truth about her – she’s not from this place or time. They realise a creature is loose and Emily agrees to help on condition Matt will let her back through the anomaly, Matt agrees. Whilst they track the creature through the high rise buildings of the city, Abby and Becker discover another creature is still at large in the theatre. They go head to head with their beast in the theatre’s foyer and eventually trap him and put him back through the anomaly. Meanwhile, Emily and Matt are forced to confront the creature on the roof of the tallest building in the city. As they attempt to capture it, Matt is cornered by the creature, leaving Emily to save his life.

With both creatures taken care of and the anomaly closed, Matt realises he can’t take Emily back to the ARC – they’ll only start asking questions. After enlisting the help of a reluctant Abby, he promises her he’ll help her get back when the next anomaly opens. Until then she’ll stay secretly at his flat, she warns Matt of her accomplice Ethan, who is extremely dangerous. She says that his friend Charlotte Cameron could control him but after she died, he is intent on revenge. Little do they know they’re being watched from the shadows by Ethan, he blames Emily for the death of his beloved Charlotte.

Episode 4.4EditEdit

Matt was sleeping on the couch in his flat when Emily tried to sneak out. He got dressed and noted that a shirt she had borrowed looked good on her, and she said she couldn't find anything else, so he joked about not having skirts available, and then offered to make her a coffee, but she asked for tea. A new Anomaly was detected, and he agreed to help her find Ethan once he got back, and told her to draw a picture of him so that he would know what he looked like. Arriving at the McKinnon School, Connor asked Matt about his school says, but Matt said he didn't remember, and admitted he didn't like talking about himself. They discovered there was a creature incursion, and found the body of a dead teacher who had been paralysed by the creature before being torn apart. Then door security locks then activated and cut him and Becker off from Connor. Jess warned the pair that there were two boys being stalked by the creature. They were unable to find them and were too late to prevent a girl from being killed inside the gym. Matt confronted the creature, a Therocephalian, in the equipment room, but beat it up before it was shot by Becker's EMD. Jess then told them that more were coming through the Anomaly, so Becker went to lock it while Matt and Connor tried to find the boys. Matt managed to shoot it before it could maul the boys and Connor. He went to help Becker and found several Therocephalian in the canteen with Becker suffering from the creature's venom. He made a tornique and poured salt over the wound to halt its effects before they tried to take out the rest of the creatures, but Connor and the boys made gas bombs that knocked them out. He returned to his flat to find Emily missing, but she had left a drawing of Ethan behind.

Episode 4.5EditEdit

"Harden your heart. Do your job. Nothing else matters."
―Matt can't let anything get in the way of his mission

Matt and Abby went to Lester about Emily's disappearance, who wasn't happy about that Matt had kept the secret. A new Anomaly with a strange signal was detected, and despite the situation with Emily, he went with Abby and Connor to a seaside village where the Anomaly was known to be. After failing to get help from people in the local bar, he told them to try locate the Anoamly. Matt went to the river and found parts of a body and went to warn a fisherman, and saved him from the creature, a Labyrinthodont, which escaped into the water. He then decided to try and find Emily while Abby and Connor dealt with the situation. Lester acted as Jess and told Matt that another Black Box belonging to him was active, and realised Emily had taken it. Matt followed Lester's instructions and went to the Tower Hill Cemetery, where he spotted Ethan fleeing. He fought briefly with him, but was unable to keep him from escaping, but Ethan first told Matt it wasn't over. Matt then went in search of the Black Box's signal and found a mausoleum with the name Cameron, which was Charlotte's last name. He found Emily alive inside a coffin and set her free. He went to see Gideon and told him what was happening, and was told to focus on finding Ethan, as his appearance wasn't a coincidence with what they were trying to do, and to focus on trying to accomplish their mission as nothing else mattered.

Episode 4.6EditEdit

"It's all up to you now."
―Gideon passes responsibility onto Matt

Matt is visiting the severely ill Gideon, who was dreaming of their home. He reluctantly agrees to use Emily as bait for Ethan. When at the ARC with Emily, the talked over the Ethan situation with Lester, who suggested that Emily return to her home, but Matt insisted she stay, as part of his plan. With a new Anomaly detected, Matt took Emily with him to the Stately Home, where the Anomaly was locked and a Hyaenodon neutralised. Former ARC team member Jenny Lewis arrived on the scene, as she was getting married there the next day. Matt tried to introduce himself but she was too worried about her past catching up with her to acknowledge him, but she agreed to allow the team to stay until the Anomaly closed. Emily walked in on Jenny introducing her fiancee' and Matt kept her from revealing the Anomalies. He wanted her to stay with him, but she decided to stay with Jenny and Abby. During the night he went for a walk with Emily, and admitted to her that he had already known of the ARC and Anomalies before he joined and was trying to figure out what happened with the Anomalies, but doesn't say more. At the wedding he notices Emily's ring, meaning she was married, but she refused to say anytthing. During the wedding more Hyaenodons began attacking the guests, and Matt helped [3]Matt after his father diesAdded by ZEMfend them off with medieval armour. Afterwards Emily tells Matt that her marriage meant nothing, and he decides to take her to Gideon. Before Gideon dies, Matt informs him that Emily is with him, but that he will use her to capture Ethan and then walk away, claiming she means nothing to him. Gideon tries to tell Matt something, but only manages to say "I wish..." before dying. Matt weeps at his father's side before telling Emily that Gideon was his father.

Eye StrainEditEdit

Matt, along with Abby and Connor, has to coax a pterosaur back through an anomaly on London's south bank.

Episode 4.7EditEdit

Matt visited Emily inside her room at the ARC, bringing her a plant, telling her once Ethan's captured she'll be allowed to stay in the present if she wants. He convinces Lester to give him more time to go through the evidence they have on Ethan and bring him in himself. He is wary when Connor dates an anomaly leading to Emily's home, but it appears to be wrong anyway. While going through the evidence he learns Ethan can track anomalies via a self-powered radio and heads there in case he shows up, but tells Emily to stay behind because he doesn't want to be distracted worrying about her. Upon arrival Abby tells him they've got a wierd anomaly that opens up weaker versions of itself around the prison. Matt suspects Ethan may have manipulated it and this is what he's waiting for. After a brief Terror Bird scare he fired at something coming through and accidentally shot Danny Quinn. When he woke he apologised and reminded the others Ethan could arrive any moment. Connor managed to interfere with the anomaly signal and gave away Ethan's position, and while Abby and Connor dealt with the Terror Bird while Matt pursued Ethan and eventually cornered him. He demanded to know what his plan was and Ethan claimed there wasn't one, but before Matt could press further the Terror Bird distracted him and allowed Ethan to get away. While Ethan held a gun to Danny it was revealed Ethan was actually Patrick Quinn, Danny's missing brother. Matt took Patrick in custody and at the ARC he began questioning him about his plans, but learned he was not involved in what Matt suspected. Matt took some of his frustration out on Emily and was angry at himself for being so certain about the wrong person. Patrick later escaped the ARC with Emily as a hostage, and Matt and Danny pursued him to the prison, but Patrick had already gone through the Pliocene anomaly (after it was learnt that two anomalies had opened on the same [4]Matt and Gideon's home in the futureAdded by MrThermomanPreacherspot and caused all the trouble) and Emily had knocked out the Terror Bird. As Danny leaves to follow Patrick he tells Matt that Philip knew Helen Cutter and isn't to be trusted and to warn the others. The other anomaly leading to Emily's home was unlocked and Emily decided she was going to go unless Matt asked her to stay, and had figured out he was from the future. Matt admitted that in the future people live underground because the planet is sterile and cannot suport life. He and his father were among a few sent back in time to stop someone from interfering with the anomalies, and thus destroying the world, though he doesn't know how it will happen. He encourages Emily to leave, telling her he can't let anything else matter, and watches her leave before he goes back to the ARC.

Episode 5.1EditEdit

Matt was approached by Philip on the Danny situation, and despite being pestered with questions concerning Danny and his behavior, Matt acted as though he knew nothing. He later noticed Philip and Connor leaving the ARC, so he decided to look in Connor's lab to see what they were up to. However he was unable to access Connor's computer, and was found by Abby, who threatened to tell Connor unless he explained himself. However an alert gives him the chance to avoid her questions. At the roadworks site, the team descended into a tunnel where they encountered a Large Burrowing Insect, a creature Matt had encountered in the future. When Connor arrived, Matt had him create a 3D map of its tunnels, knowing they should find its nest to ensure more weren't around. After an attack at a barbeque, the team went to lure the creature out using a lawnmower, however it instead attacked Connor and dragged him away. Matt saw that Connor had located the nest, and headed to its location when Connor communicated that the creature was dead but several more were in the building. They made a plan to blow up the creatures by leaking gas and using explo [5]Matt recruits Abby to his causeAdded by ZEMsives, however Connor fell unconscious, so Matt went inside to get him out. As they escaped, Matt ordered Becker to detonate the explosives, and he and Connor took cover inside a dumpster while all of the insects were incinerated. Abby thanked Matt for saving Connor, but later at the ARC she confronted him about him being from the future, having figured it out from his good knowledge about the creatures. Matt decided to explain his mission to her, and showed what would happen if he failed through a futuristic device. He then asked Abby for her help.

Episode 5.2EditEdit

Abby asked to talk to Connor about what Matt had told her, but he told her she was letting her emotions cloud her judgement, which she countered with the fact that he had done the same with Emily. Abby apologised for the low blow as an alarm sounded, and admitted she had looked up Emily and was about to tell Matt, though he claimed he prefered not to know since her return home was what mattered most. As the anomaly was in the North Sea, the team were going to use a navy submarine that had encountered the anomaly to get there. While working on a torpedo to lock the anomaly, Matt subtly tried to convince Connor that he could always talk to Abby about his work in the hopes that he might learn what Philip was up to. However the sub lost power and went through the anomaly, so he and Abby decided to use a small submersable to free the propellors, and noticed the Liopleurodons outside, and were forced to work as quietly as possible before they could return. When they got back in they split up to try and take care of the swimming raptor that was loose inside. Connor took care of it and reactivated the power, allowing the sub to make its way back through the anomaly once they ejected the creature to distract the Liopleurodon. After sealing the anomaly and avoiding a nuclear torpedo aimed at the anoamly, they got back on land where Matt reassured Abby about Connor's affiliation with Philip. Later at the ARC, Abby gave him a printout of an old newspaper, which he reluctantly decided to look at, and found that Lord Merchant had had Emily committed to Bedlam Hosptial due to apparent insanity, news that seemed to upset him.

Episode 5.3EditEdit

Matt searches 1868 for the raptorAdded by ZEMMatt attempted to convince Abby to break into Connor's lab. At the gallery where an anomaly was detected, he and the others found a raptor and forced it through the anomaly. However they discovered the anomaly lead to the late 1860's, and Matt decided to bring the creature back after Jess reports that a dozen more people will be killed by the creature's alias, Spring-Heeled Jack, in the next month. Before he left he once again tried to appeal to Abby about breaking into Connor's lab. After arriving he bgean searching for the creature nearby and located its nest. He then prepared to bring it down with his EMD, only for someone to get in his way and allow the raptor to escape. Matt cornered the masked figure, who revealed herself to be Emily, and was pleased to see her. When he saw her outfit resembled what Spring-Heeled Jack wore in the newspaper articles he feared she would hang, and asked her to go home but she refused. He tried to tell Emily what he had learned about her future but she didn't want to listen, prefering not to know. However her husband Henry Merchant arrived and tried to take her away, and he blurted Henry's intention to have her institutionalised for the rest of her life before he was knocked down by an associate of Henry's. Matt pursued the carriage, arriving after the raptor had attac [6]Matt is held by Henry at gunpointAdded by ZEMked and inadvertanly freed Emily from Henry, and they headed back to the nest with a mob of angry citizens believing them responsible. At its nest he used a bullwhip to distract the creature until Emily found his dropped EMD and shot the creature. While dragging it back to the anomaly he pleaded for Emily to return with him as she didn't truly belong in her time anymore and admitted regretting his decision to tell her to go back in the first place. She insisted on staying and went back through the anomaly, where Emily followed moments later, having being shot by Henry but saved by her unusual outfit. Henry came through too and held a gun to Matt's head, ordering Emily to come with him, but the raptor woke up and killed him. At the ARC Becker teased him about going back to get the raptor as well as Emily before Abby handed him the files she had copied from Connor's computer, which he was grateful for.

Episode 5.4EditEdit

After getting into the copied hard drive, Matt discovered that it comprised on anomaly readings. When Jess reported that a new anomaly had opened inside Connor's lab, he and the others rushed there to find that Connor had created the anomaly himself. Matt's orders to lock the anomaly were set aside as Philip ordered them away, which pretended to be alright about. When a guard watching the lab encountered a strange insect, Matt recognised it as a Future Beetle, before more began swarming into the ARC. Matt was furious with Connor and his excuses, and went to lock the anomaly himself, and blasted Connor's laptop with his EMD to ensure he couldn't re-create his data. When his plan to trap the queen and kill the rest of the beetles with pesticides failed, Connor came up with a new plan to manipulate his anomaly into unleashing a gamma pulse. Though unhappy with the plan, Matt decided to help, and when Connor learned he had blasted his computer, he was forced to reveal he possessed a copy when Philip decided that he was considering incinerating the ARC to destroy the threat. After escaping to the panic room they endured the pulse while the beetles were killed. Later Connor told him and Abby that Philip had made a much larger version of his machine.

Episode 5.5EditEdit

Matt let everyone know about his mission to stop the catastrophe, and ultimately Philip. He told everyone his plan to sabotage the machine as an anomaly alert went off, so he decided to go off on his own to New Dawn. However traffic forced him to go to the vicinity of the anomaly, where he tried to convince a panicked girl to abandon the body of her friend as a Tyrannosaurus attacked. Matt managed to bring the giant dinosaur down after knocking it down with the car and then using several bursts from his EMD, before Jess informed the team that several anomalies were opening. Matt said that this was convergence at work, and headed to New Dawn with Emily to prevent Philip from messing with the natural phenomenon. Arriving at the New Dawn facility, they were attacked by a flock of Anurognathus, forcing them inside, only to be confronted by April Leonard and some guards. Matt warned the guards not to open the door, but [7]Added by ZEMhe and Emily escaped while the Anurognathus entered the building. Matt went off on his own to deal with Philip, who he threatened to shut down the machine. He tried explaining what was going to happen if New Dawn went online, and admitted he was prepared to kill Philip if nescessary, however he was restrained by some guards. He pleaded for Philip to stop, however despite Connor's attempt at sabotage, the machine worked, and was forced to watch as Philip succeeded in creating an anomaly.

Episode 5.6EditEdit

Matt in his home timeAdded by ZEMMatt attempted to persuade Phillip to let him go through the anomaly to go rescue Connor, but Phillip told him that it was his own fault. Phillip ordered Matt to be removed, and he turned against the guards and knocked them unconcious before letting Emily and Abby know he was going after Connor. Matt went through the anomaly into the Sterile Earth, horrified that the anomaly lead there. He quickly found him and helped him up as a mutated Future Predator attacked. As Abby arrived and brought it down, a toxic storm began and Matt lead the pair into an underground bunker he and Gideon might have resided in and they barely avoid a poisonous storm. Matt realised he might have arrived a few years after he left and that everyone in the bunker was gone, possibly dead. He told Abby that people had to nomadically live underground as nothing but the Predators could survive on the surface. After Connor had recovered and the storm had died down they made a run for the anomaly, and though a group of Pedators attacked, Matt and the others used their EMDs to keep them at bay. They made it though the anomaly, which had become unstable and was growing. As they were leaving the facility, they came across Philip, who had realised he had been tricked by Helen, and he helped as Philip prepared the self-destruct sequence, accepting Philip's apology. After finding Emily the two fled just before the faciltiy was destroyed, however the anomaly remained. Matt and Connor realised they could use Connor's reopened anomaly to make it unstable, and went back to the ARC where he helped contain the anomaly. Once back, he reassured Emily, who was distressed that he would either die or disappear if he succeeded, and kissed her before driving Connor's anomaly into the New Dawn anomaly. The plan worked as the anomalies fused and closed, causing the Sterile Earth anomaly to be negated. Though Matt was presumed dead, he soon emerged from the dust, having somehow survived and rejoiced with the others. After returning to the ARC Lester congratulated him and noted they were stuck with him. [8]Is he a clone or a visionAdded by Joblair97As an anomaly alert went up at Kings Cross Station, Matt left the others to retrieve his phone, but in a darkened hallway, he saw a figure moving toward him. Up close he saw it was a second Matt Anderson, with a battered and bruised face. The second Matt told the original to "Go back, you have to go back". Emily arrived and when Matt turned back around, the second Matt was gone. Though assuring Emily he was alright, he was clearly distressed.

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  • It was speculated by some fans that Matt is actually Danny Quinn's younger brother Patrick Quinn, one of the kids who disappeared in Episode 3.2. Sources have said that Matt "carefully guards the secrets of his past - and the real reason he has joined the ARC team". This could refer to Patrick disappearing through an anomaly, then returning, taking a false name and joining the ARC to try and find Danny. This speculation was further fueled by this image, of Ryan Mason calling "Matt" in Episode 3.2.
    • Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines were asked about this in a fan interview, and they said that it was a good guess, and was close, but wasn't quite correct. New spoilers seem to indicate that Matt's reason for joining the ARC actually has something to do with Philip Burton. It is still extremely possible that Matt is the "human intervention from the Future" that was mentioned in early press releases, due to his secrets, his meetings with Gideon and the EMD weapons he introduces to the ARC.
    • Regarding the Ryan calling Matt' issue, it's possible that he actually said Pat (short for patrick).
  • It is possible that the "Second Matt" could be a twin brother of his, as this was the original case with the Quinns.
  • Matt's future self could have to the past to warn him that he must either go back to the future he came from, or inform him to stop an upcoming event, by going back into some point in time, possibly into his future.
  • One very likely theory is that the second Matt is from the "bad future" because if Matt created the "good future," the bad future would have never happened, and he would have never been sent back to the present to stop New Dawn causing an endless paradox.

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