Scientific name Megalania prisca
Home era Pleistocene
Creature type Varanid Lizard
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 2.6

A Megalania will appear in Primeval Continued Series 2. It will attack Connor.


Megalania was a giant monitor lizard from Australia. It lived in the Pleistocene and could reach up to 20 feet in length. Its closest living relative is the Lace Monitor. It probably was a top predator and could even bring down the rhino-sized wombat: Diprotodon. 


In Primeval, Megalania has a deadly venomous bite that can kill within 12 hours (much quicker than the venom of either a Lace Monitor or a Komodo Dragon). The side-effects include:

  • Sweating a few minutes after being bitten
  • Weakening advancing after bite unless treated
  • Death after 12 hours


Episode 2.6Edit

A Megalania attacks Thomas Page in a Botanical Garden. He is pushed out of the lizard's way by Kieran, who gets grazed by the creature's teeth. The Megalania is about to attack again but is shot by Becker, Danny, and Ryan. The creature runs off. The ARC Team follow the tracks it left behind when it fled. Then Kieran doubles over. Matt then notices the bite marks on Kieran's back and says they need to the the paramedics to him. Danny asks him why and Matt tells him that Megalania are venomous. Ryan drives Kieran back to the ARC. The rest of the ARC Team then encouter the Megalania. It tries to attack Connor but Abby and Cutter shoot it with their EMD's. The lizard backs off for a second then flees back through the anomaly which then closes. Kieran later dies from the venom.


  • The Megalania looks similar to a Komodo Dragon.


  • It is unlikely that the venom of a real Megalania would kill as quickly as the one in the series.