Megalania prisca


The Megalania a seven-meter-long, poisonous bite Varanus species, which was 20,000 years ago in Australia.


A female came over to the anomaly in today's London, first in a ruined allotments. Soon a nest of cancer landfill. Drugged and taken to the ARC headquarters.

General information:Edit

Megalania is the largest terrestrial lizard known to have existed. Judging from its size, Megalania would have fed mostly upon medium to large sized animals, including any of the giant marsupials like Diprotodon along with other reptiles, small mammals, and birds and their eggs and chicks[citation needed]. It had heavily built limbs and body and a large skull complete with a small crest in between the eyes, and a jaw full of serrated blade-like teeth.[4] Wroe et al. (1999)[12] regard the contention that Megalania was the only, or even principal, predator of the Australian Pleistocene megafauna with skepticism. They note that the "marsupial lion" (Thylacoleo carnifex) has been implicated with the butchery of very large Pleistocene mammals, while Megalania has not. In addition, they note that fossils of Megalania are extremely uncommon, in contrast to Thylacoleo carnifex with its wide distribution across Australian Pleistocene deposits. The Australian biologist Tim Flannery suggested that if one wanted to reconstruct the ecosystems that existed before the arrival of the humans on Australia, it may be desirable to introduce Komodo dragons as a replacement for Megalania.


This is not a human being is killed during the episode.

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