Oh, please don't be right. Since the first day I showed up at the ARC, I've been praying that we'd never have to deal with one of these guys. This is a shark that could swallow Jaws whole, people!

-Connor Temple 



colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  MegalodonResurrected
Promo of Megalodon from Episode 2.2

Creature Type

Shark -

Home Era

Oligocene - Pleistocene -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused

31 -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 2.2

Megalodon is a genus of prehistoric shark, and the largest flesh-eating fish of all time.

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

An enormous adult Megalodon comes through an underwater anomaly near the London docks, and attacks three boats, killing about 30 people in the process. Once the ARC team arrives and discovers the damage, Abby speculates that the shark probably mistook the boats for a pod of whales, explaining why it attacked them. A dock worker overhears the team talking about the shark, and offers to take them out to sea on his boat to look for the shark. After a while, the team does spot a large animal surfacing that they at first think is the Megalodon, but it turns out to just be a whale, and not even a prehistoric one. After travelling several miles further out to sea, the Megalodon suddenly jumps out of the water and snatches the dock worker in its jaws. Just under the surface of the water beneath the boat, which is now red with the worker's blood, Matt spots the anomaly. The team sends Becker under the water in a metal shark cage just in front of the anomaly, and upon spotting the Megalodon he bangs on the bars to attract its attention. The Megalodon charges toward Becker, but the team pulls his cage up just in time. The shark misses and plunges straight into the anomaly, which Connor locks before the Megalodon can come back through. The team takes a moment of silence to mourn the death of the dock worker before they drive the boat back into port themselves.


  • Megalodon is the second shark to appear in the Primeval franchise, and the first shark from the past to appear in the franchise.
  • It has killed the most people in one episode of any creature in the Primeval franchise.

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