Rex, Sid, and Nancy's Menagerie Enclosure

Rex, Sid, and Nancy's enclosure in the menagerie.

The Menagerie is a region of the ARC where creatures that are unable to return home are kept. Between Episode 5.6 of the original Primeval and Episode 1.1 the menagerie was changed to be designed to fit the specific creature's environments.



Battle to SurviveEdit

Abby and Connor play with Sid, Nancy, and Rex in the menagerie.

Episode 1.6Edit

Matt, Abby, and Emily start to walk toward the menagerie but are interrupted by the second Matt Anderson. 

Episode 2.1Edit

Matt watches the Moropus in the menagerie.

Episode 2.2Edit

Matt and Emily show Abby and Connor the Moropus in the menagerie.

Episode 2.4Edit

Lester frees Rex from the menagerie and Abby and Connor take him home with them.

Episode 2.5Edit

The Excalibosaurus is placed in the menagerie after the anomaly it came through closes.


  • In Primeval Continued there are specifically designed environments for the different creatures, PrimevalIsAwesome has confirmed that this difference was made between the end of the original Primeval and the beginning of Primeval Continued to better suit the creatures.

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