Scientific name Mesonyx obtusidens
Home era Mid-Late Eocene
Creature type Mammal
Deaths caused 2+
Appearances The Shards of Time

Mesonyx was a large, hooved, wolf-like mammal from the Eocene Epoch with large, tusk-like fangs on its lower jaw.

In The Shards of TimeEdit

A pair of Mesonyx come through an Anomaly and slaughter the guests at a birthday party.

Sean is attacked by one, causing him to break its neck in self-defence, while the other, after killing at least two guests, follows Sean back through the Anomaly.

Unfortunately for the Mesonyx, the other side of the Anomaly is a clifftop location, and thus when it pounces at Sean, Sean leaps out of the way and the Mesonyx falls over the edge of the cliff to its death.