Scientific name Moropus
Home era Oligocene
Creature type Chalicothere
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 2.1


Moropus is a chalicothere from the Miocene in North America. It was a distant relative of horses and had powerful arms and claws which it could use to defend itself from predators.


Episode 2.1Edit

In the Oligocene Desert, a Moropus swats a person back through the other side of the anomaly an he dies. The team arrive at the anomaly and hear a horse-like whinnie from behind them. They turn around and jump out of the way as a Moropus runs past them toward the anomaly until the anomaly closes. The creature runs through the spot where the anomaly was and down the road. With a loud bellow another huge creature follows. Matt tells Ryan that the creature was an Entelodont. The team follow the creatures. The team split up and Becker, Ryan, and Emily find the startled Moropus running down a road, sliding and smashing into cars. The creature turns around and charges at them. Emily and Becker manage to knock the creature out with their EMD's. Back at the ARC, Matt is watching the Moropus in the managerie.

Episode 2.2Edit

Matt and Emily show Connor and Abby the moropus in its enclosure in the menagerie.


  • The Moropus in Episode 2.1 looks very much like a horse.
  • The Moropus ends up in the Menagerie at the ARC.


  • This creature has few errors.

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