Scientific name Unknown
Home era Future (Sterile Earth)
Creature type Mammal (Chiroptera)
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

Mutated Future Predators are a variant of the Future Predator from the Sterile Earth future.

In Primeval: Lost in TimeEdit

After Sean, Ash, Andrea and Bob come through an anomaly to the Sterile Earth future, they are attacked and chased through the desert by a large pack of Mutated Future Predators. Ash and Bob are able to gun several of the pursuing Predators down, and the rest are forced to retreat when a toxic storm hits.

When the poisonous winds have died down, the Future Predators return for the group, and chase them through the desert to a bunker. As the group escapes inside the shelter and another storm hits, most of the Predators retreat again. However, the more desperate Predators try to get into the shelter, and are subsequently either killed or badly hurt in the storm.

When the group leaves the shelter after the storm has passed again, some of the surviving Future Predators, as well as several others, try to chase them, but begin to fight amongst themselves, allowing the group to escape while the Predators are distracted.

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