Night Blaze is a spin-off book from the older novel series from Primeval Revived, created by Primeval13. It is planned to be released in November
263px-Primeval Night Blaze Front Cover-1-

The Night Blaze Cover by Primeval123

/ December 2011. It will be released alongside Fragments, the sixth novel. The front cover and back cover were created by Primeval123.
254px-Primeval Night Blaze Back Cover-1-

Back Cover


A short plot summary was released recently:

An explosion. Riots on the street of London. An anomaly. A giant creature. The team face their biggest challange yet as large riots on the streets of London causes an anomaly to open undiscovered. Without the ARC able to reach it, a creature wanders through. Soon, London becomes a war zone as large riots break out and a unbelievable creature stalks around. Mob rule takes over and the night escilates into horror. Who will make it through the night....


  • A large carnivore has been comfirmed, but is so far unknown
  • A herbivore is rumoured to also appear



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