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Creatures Dunkleosteus (PE), Ammonite (PE)
Setting Gulf of Mexico
Broadcast 2/5/15
Series Season 2 (PE)
Episode 2
Preceded by Breakout
Followed by The Merging Part 1

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Open Ocean is the second episode of Primeval: Evolution Season 2


When an underwater anomaly opens near the Puget Sound in Washington State, the team must contain a Dunkleosteus that emerges before it enters open ocean.


The team arrives at the Puget Sound, they set up some equipment and Aidan and William take out a small boat. Out in the water, they notice nothing unusual. It starts to get dark and Miles suggusts over walkie talkie that they should pack it up. William refuses, convinced that there is still something out in the water. After an hour, something breaks the surface a little ways away. The two investigate, only to be greeted by a large fish which tips the boat over. The two swim for safety as the boat is devoured. At the shore, William notices Ben walking away from them in a hurry. William runs up to Ben and gets his attention. Ben tells him that he doesn't want to be sucked into the anomaly business again. William asks why his website is still up then. Ben realizes that he's been defeated and tells him that he's still been hunting anomalies. William and Aidan seek out base-camp and introduce Ben and Miles to each other. After a while, the only PAD they brought goes off. William, Ben and Miles go out to investigate. As William and Ben set up diagnostic equipment, Miles looks into the water with a flashlight. He suddenly gets Williams attention and points into the water. William looks over and gasps in surprise, for in the water are tons of Ammonites.

Meanwhile, Aidan types stuff into a laptop. He mutters to himself about what species the fish could be. He narrows it down to a couple long-necked animal species. He suddenly gasps. He grabs a walkie talkie and tells the others to get the fish through the anomaly fast, or it will go into open ocean.

Ben agrees to go diving underwater. He gets a wet suit on and gets into the water. He says that it's very murky and that he can't see a thing. Suddenly, something goes swimming right past him, into the anomaly. It suddenly shuts. As soon as Ben gets back to the boat, he tells the others that it's safe, back through the anomaly. Miles asks how they know it's the fishes own time. William says that they don't. Ben says two other things, that the fish looked nothing like the Loch Ness Monster, and that there are still a bunch of Ammonites stuck in the water. William says that the Ammonites shouldn't cause that much of a change and they head back to shore.









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