Prehistoric Cat The CGI restoration for the Owen's Panther in Primeval
Scientific name Puma Pardoides
Home era Quaternary
Creature type Mammal
Deaths caused 3
Appearances Episode 1.8

Owen's Panther is a species of large cat

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

A pack of Owen's Panther came through an anomaly and into the ARC when Matt and Max were through the anomaly. One of them injured Jess but she recovered. Many people got injured by them. (Episode 1.8)


Puma pardoides or Owen's Panther is an extinct prehistoric cat, long regarded as a primitive species of leopard (genus Panthera). Recent work has shown that Panthera pardoides is actually the same thing as Panthera schaubi, which is probably not a pantherine at all, but more properly classified as Puma pardoides.

Panthera schaubi or Viretailurus schaubi was historically often regarded as a basal member of the genus Panthera. However, recent work has shown that Viretailurus should actually be included in the genus Puma as a junior synonym of Puma pardoides. Fossils of this leopard-sized animal are around 2 million years old and were found in France.

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