This page shows all the episodes in Primeval Next Generation and gives a little plot synopsis about each of them to explain what happens in each one.

Episode 1Edit

Finally the day comes where a second ARC team is hired in the form of the old team's children, who are now adults as well as new recruit Jamie Hayes who acts as team leader. However their first day is not as calm as they had hoped for due to an anomaly opening up in a zoo and two Tree Creepers coming through, the team realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Episode 2Edit

With an anomaly opening up deep in the sewers, the team are "walking blind" due to the electronics not working as they try to find it. Not only that but with a prehistoric crocodile taking a tour around the London underground and the Temple siblings having to chase around a flying lizard, the team soon find their hands full. Meanwhile Jamie investigates the "future predators" creature due to its connection to his past.

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

Episode 5Edit

Episode 6Edit

Episode 7Edit

Episode 8Edit

Episode 9Edit

Episode 10Edit

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