Paleosyops is a genus of small brontothere. These animals are commonly found in Wyoming fossil beds primarily as fossilized teeth. From all of the species of this animal, it is concluded that P. major was the largest, reaching the size of a tapir. Its describer, Joseph Leidy, erroneously thought that Palaeosyops consumed both plants and animals after examining the fang-like canines. However, it is now known that all brontotheres were strict herbivores, and that many, if not most genera of hornless brontotheres had fang-like canines, possibly for both defense from predators, and intraspecific competition.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

A large herd of Palaeosyops came through an Eocene anomaly outside the ARC along with another herd of Uintatherium. Another anomaly leading to Uintatherium's time must have had another anomaly as Palaeosyops lived much earlier than Uintatherium. They ran into the ARC along with the Uintatherium and then they tried to herd them back through the anomaly. The team managed to get them back through by doing how the team tried to get the Columbian Mammoth back through the anomaly but didn't in Episode 2.6 by spraying some rhino urine in front of the anomaly. This made the Palaeosyops get back through by smelling the scent of it and the herd went back through and could be seen going back through its real anomaly inside the Uintatherium anomaly outside the ARC.

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