Concept art for Placerius in Primeval Continued.


Placerius -

Fatalities Caused

None -



A Placerius will appear in the third episode of Primeval Continued Series 1.


A Placerius comes through an anomaly in a zoo and battles a rhino. The sight of it frightens a late-working zookeeper, who attempts to run to the exit, but takes a wrong turn and ends up in the Reptile House where he is killed and eaten by a therocephalian. It is later returned through the anomaly by the ARC team.


  • The Placerius looks similar to the Scutosaurus from the original Primeval.
  • The Placerius is shown to be aggressive and territorial, as it battles a rhinoceros because they are on the same area of land.
  • Both Placerius and Postosuchus appear in 1.3, and these two creatures also both appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs.

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