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Scientific name Postosuchus kirkpatricki
Home era Triassic
Creature type Rauisuchian
Deaths caused None
Appearances Episode 1.3


Postosuchus was a rauisuchian from the Late Triassic of North America. It was a top predator with powerful crushing jaws. It had strong jaw muscles and blade-like teeth.


Episode 1.3Edit

A roar from behind lets the team know that another creature came through. Danny turns and finds himself staring at the same snarling, lizard-like face of the Postosuchus that killed Sophia and Ted in South Africa two years earlier. Connor pushes Abby out of the way as the Postosuchus charges past them. Danny and Matt fire at the creature about ten times with their EMD's, knocking it out. They quickly return the creature before it wakes up and lock the anomaly.


  • The Postosuchus appears in the same episode as Placerius, both also appear in the same episode od Walking with Dinosaurs.


  • The Postosuchus has very few errors.

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