Scientific name Beratimiuoenos Terrakatinska
Home era Late Penethiene - Mid Letheiston
Creature type Beratoid
Deaths caused TBA
Appearances TBA

Postrucidactor was a highly evolved Beratoid that roamed North America and Western Europe for nearly 150 million years. It was at the top of the food chain for over 4/5 of its time. Postrucidactor evolved from Earlier, gliding Beratoids in roughly 40-50 Million AD. It ruled the North American deserts and plains, with some also moving into Canadian tundra's and becoming more adapted to colder environments. Around 200 Million AD, Gezektons had evolved in South America, creatures with the ability to foil the Postrucidactors sonar, they later moved into North America and filled the Latters niche, eventually replacing them. European Postrucidactors later evolved into Teranactor and Gilidactor after the appearance of the Retenawk.

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