Prehistoric Dragon


colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Prehistoric dragon
Prehistoric Dragon

Scientific name:

Unknown,probably "Protodragonus" -

Home Era:

Creataceous -

Deaths Caused:

Several knights and villagers -

Returned to Era:

No. Maybe killed or captured by the knights -


Primeval Ultimate: Honor

The Prehistoric Dragon appears in Primeval Ultimate . The original period of the creature is the Late Cretaceous in North America. One appear in Episode One of Season One. It follows the team to Medieval Times.


The Prehistoric Dragon is a reptile from the Creataceous Period. It's size a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It lives in North America. The creature can spit fire thanks to a similar mecanism that is used by bombardier beetles. The front arms are the wings similar to those of Pterosaurs but with more muscle to make the Dragon fly

In Primeval UltimateEdit

The Dragon attacks the team, then he chases them until he forced them over a cliff. In the Middle Ages, he attacks a village and castle. After the team escaped the dragon ambushes the team in the hill but is defeated by a medieval army 

Trivia Edit

  • Is the first creature to appear in Primeval Ultimate
  • Is the first reptile to appear in Primeval Ultimate
  • Is the first fictional creature to appear in Primeval Ultimate

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