The Prehistoric Flying Cockroach is from the Mississippian Era of the Earth's history, just as the Carboniferous was winding down and things were starting to dry up and cool off. This was one of the first ice ages in the Earth's history. But things hadn't cooled off yet, and at least one insect species is prepared for the big chill. The Prehistoric Flying Cockroach was built to survive sub-zero temperatures and lack of water and are extremely deadly, able to kill almost anything they can get their pinchers on. The drone of their wings is the sound of fear in the Late Carboniferous/Mississippian Era.


This fiendish bug is, like most cockroaches, nearly indestructible. If you have watched Planet Earth, imagine the long, spindly cockroaches from the episode Caves but around the size and build of a Megopteran and with four long wings as well as huge front claws shaped like harpoons. Being 2.5 metres long and able to fly doesn't make them much less creepy. In situations where food was completely unavailable, the Prehistoric Flying Cockroach was able to organize into loose packs to make the most of any food or water available. They would even cannibalize each other in bad situations. But when global conditions continued to worsen and oxygen levels continued to fall, the last of the great Carboniferous insects was driven to extinction. However, they may have survived long enough into the Permian to prey upon Coelosauravus or even Dimetrodon.

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